How Communities Heal
— stories of social innovation
and social change

by vivian Hutchinson
and the New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship

HOW COMMUNITIES HEAL tells the unique stories of a group of New Zealand social entrepreneurs, and their work to create systemic and sustainable solutions to our social and environmental challenges. 

This book profiles the personal stories of these innovators, and looks at the projects and programmes they are creating, while highlighting the particular variety of leadership that brings insight, entrepreneurship and practical hope into our communities.  

HOW COMMUNITIES HEAL also includes a series of articles from vivian Hutchinson on entrepreneurship and innovation, and the tools and ideas that are helping make these projects happen. 

Each chapter of this book is freely available through the links that appear on this page. 
We are encouraging anyone to share and further redistribute these articles.

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The complete series of chapters ....  

Project Outline
... highlighting the leadership that brings insight, entrepreneurship and practical hope into our communities. 

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Chapter 1
Enterpreneurship for the Common Good
by vivian Hutchinson 

... how entrepreneurship can transform the community sector.

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Chapter 2
Brian Donnelly
Affordable Housing for All

... creating affordable housing developments for low-income families, and exploring new financial models for home ownership.

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Chapter 3
Vivien Maidaborn
Action for Inclusion

... establishing an initiative to improve the design of New Zealand homes so that they can work well for people of every age, stage and ability.

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Chapter 4
Social Innovation
by vivian Hutchinson

... moving from organising problems to healing them.

Chapter 5
Emeline Afeaki-Mafile’o 
Growing From Your Roots

... creating a Pacific style of mentoring programmes for young people in South Auckland, and running a fair trade coffee growing business in Tonga.

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Chapter 6
Kim Workman
Rethinking Crime and Punishment

... setting up a national campaign to rethink our attitudes on the issues of criminal justice and prison reform.

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Chapter 7
Learning Communities
by vivian Hutchinson

... the importance of fellowship and dialogue in creating the knowledge that social entrepreneurs need to take their projects forward.

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Chapter 8
Gael Surgenor
Innovation in the Public Service

... how social marketing can foster better parenting skills and address family violence.

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Chapter 9
John Stansfield
The Community Organiser as Entrepreneur

... reframing problem gambling from an addictions issue to a social justice issue, and also fighting for community control of the waste stream.

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Chapter 10
The Business of Complexity
by vivian Hutchinson

... understanding the relevance of complexity theories to the community sector.

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Chapter 11

Stephanie McIntyre 
Hope on the Streets

... addressing and preventing inner-city homelessness, and establishing a stable home for people with long histories of alcohol dependence.

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Chapter 12

Major Campbell Roberts 
Faith, Mercy and Social Justice

... inspiring churches and communities to take practical action on poverty, and establishing an independent social research agency.

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Chapter 13

Measuring the Maybe 
by vivian Hutchinson

... evaluating and measuring innovative projects.

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Chapter 14

Philip Patston
Adding Diversity to Common Sense

... re-examining how we think about diversity and disability in our communities.

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Chapter 15
Ngahau and Debbie Davis
Making the What

... establishing community-owned enterprises and rebuilding the economic base of predominantly Maori rural towns.

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Chapter 16
A Generous Difference
by vivian Hutchinson

... creating a better partnership between social entrepreneurs and philanthropy.

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Chapter 17
Malcolm Cameron
Putting Unity Back Into Community

... weaving together community, business and government organisations to ensure that all young people have opportunities to learn and work.

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Chapter 18
Nuku Rapana
Migrating to Enterprise and Development

... leading a strategy of community and economic development amongst Pacific Island communities.

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Chapter 19
Robin Allison
For Earth and Neighbourhood

... demonstrating how the principles of co-housing, eco-architecture and permaculture lead to social and environmental sustainability.

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Chapter 20
It's Going To Take Community
by vivian Hutchinson

... awakening more active citizenship and generous engagement in our communities.

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