RADIO NEW ZEALAND IDEAS programmes on Social Entrepreneurship

The 2010 Social Entrepreneur Fellowship Retreat 
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In September 2010, the New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship held one of its twice annual retreats in Auckland. Ideas talks to NZSEF organiser vivian Hutchinson; Emelina Afeaki-Mafile’o of social agency Affirming Works; Darren Fraser of fair trade clothing company Micah Clothing; Alexandra Lee of Architecture for Humanity, and Ngahau Davis of Northland's He Iwi Kotahi Tatou Trust.

The International Food Crisis (with John Stansfield)
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In June 2011, Oxfam made headlines around the world with the release of a report claiming food prices for staple commodities would double over the next 20 years, potentially resulting in an unprecedented reversal in human development. Ideas talks to Oxfam New Zealand’s campaign and advocacy director John Stansfield; also interviews with Otago University professor of sociology Hugh Campbell, and Dr Karen Cronin of the Institute of Environmental Science and Research..


The Salvation Army (with Major Campbell Roberts)
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In the late 1800s Lord Shaftesbury condemned the Salvation Army as: “[A] device of the devil to make religion ridiculous where he had failed to make it odious. We are not afraid to say that such a movement cannot possibly last.” Well, not only did it last, it thrived around the world. Ideas explores the history of the church with retired Salvation Army officer and historian Harold Hill, and talks to New Zealand’s longest service Salvation Army officer, Major Campbell Roberts, about his, sometimes surprising, life.

Social Lending
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Raising capital isn't easy or cheap for any of us. But it's more difficult and more expensive for some than for others. Not for profit enterprises struggle to convince mainstream banks to lend them money, many low income earners are denied mortgages, and plenty of budding entrepreneurs struggle to find the capital to launch their first business. And as a result of that lack of capital many opportunities are missed. So what if anything can be done about it? Well, there's a growing number of people calling for a stronger social finance sector in this country.

Ideas talks to: Laura Benedict of the $2 billion plus US social lender Self-Help; Glen Saunders, a director of the New Zealand-based Prometheus Finance and an advisor and former director of Europe's Triodos Bank; Cliff Colquhoun, general manager of Kaitaia's Community Business and Environment Centre; Wyn Osborne, a director of Credit Union Aotearoa; and Bruce Dyer, manager of the Nelson Ethical Loan Trust


Co-Housing (with Robin Allison)
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Ideas takes a look at housing and in particular so-called cohousing – a movement which began in Denmark in the 1960s with residents taking an active part in the design and operation of their own neighbourhoods. In cohousing communities private dwellings typically have all the features of a normal home but residents also have access to extensive communally-owned facilities and spaces.

We talk to Robin Allison, one of the founders of New Zealand’s first purpose-built cohousing community – Waitakere’s Earthsong; chair of the Nelson Tasman Housing Trust Keith Preston, and Seattle-based architect and board member of the Cohousing Association of America Grace Kim.