Brian Donnelly

NZSEF_Brian_Donnelly.gif Brian Donnelly is the Executive Director of the New Zealand Housing Foundation and acts as a catalyst for housing projects for low income people that would not otherwise happen. He is also constantly exploring new models of ownership, investment and management of housing projects which can offer a wider range of housing options for those most in need.

There is only a limited community-based social housing sector in New Zealand. With over 5% of our population sharing small and crowded living conditions, many more solutions are needed to enable these families the chance to own their own homes and secure longer-term tenure.

The Housing Foundation provides seed finance and project support to community groups wanting to create social housing solutions. It also helps leverage these solutions by acting as a broker between the community groups and the government, private and philanthropic sectors.

In Kaitaia and Kaikohe, in conjunction with Te Runanga o Te Rarawa and community groups, the Foundation has initiated the building of new houses for whanau and kaumatua. This has been achieved through the establishment of a trade based carpentry training programme with students building the houses, and the Housing Corporation buying the finished houses and leasing them back to meet local housing need.

In Hamilton, Auckland and Palmerston North, the Foundation has provided finance, advice and project management support for the development of new homes for Abbeyfield NZ, a national charity which provides housing support and care for older people.

In West Auckland, the Foundation is developing an integrated housing project which will provide over 70 houses with mixed tenures.

The Foundation has also created an innovative home equity programme where homes are offered for sale to first-time home buyers who cannot afford a deposit. The Foundation holds an equity stake in the properties which, for a low-income family, enables an easier transition from renting into home ownership.