Robin Allison

Robin Allison Robin Allison is the co-founder and project co-ordinator of the Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood project in Ranui, Waitakere City, which is a living demonstration of how the principles of Cohousing, permaculture and eco-architecture lead to social and environmental sustainability.

The 32 households in the Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood each own a private, self-contained home ... but also jointly own extensive shared facilities, including a large common house.

As an architect, Robin has fostered comprehensive eco-design features at Earthsong, including energy efficient design, non-toxic materials, and eco-technologies. Permaculture and organic gardening principles are being progressively implemented throughout the neighbourhood, including productive and edible landscaping, native bush and orchard areas, and water management areas.

Beyond this neighbourhood, Robin is contributing to the Ranui Central Development Network, which is a unique consortium
consisting of the Waitakere City Council, the Ranui Action Project,
Earthsong, and other key landowners of the local commercial centre, who are working together to plan a vibrant and eco-friendly Ranui town centre.

Robin has also been a member of the design and project management team of the NOW house, a research project by a consortium of public and private organisations. The Now House has been built as a “standard” New Zealand house that uses best-practise sustainable design principles that can be easily replicated by mainstream New Zealanders.