Vivien Maidaborn

Viv Maidaborn Viv Maidaborn is the Chief Executive of CCS, New Zealand’s leading community-based provider of support to people with physical disabilities. The organisation has an annual turnover of $35m and employs over 500 staff.

In recent years, in response to a change of thinking within the organisation and the disability community, CCS has been shifting away from being a traditional social services provider towards being a community development organisation. This puts a greater focus on building the resilience and confidence of the disabled person and working for the fuller inclusion of these people within their families and communities.

Viv has been leading a systems approach to effect this change in thinking ... and how this affects staff recruitment, training, and the building of relationships with government, local authorities, schools, polytechnics and employers.

Several initiatives have followed on from this change in thinking, including Home to Home — a community development approach to providing parents of disabled children with support and breaks from the full-time care of vulnerable and high needs children, while at the same time asserting that these children very rarely need institutional or respite care.

CCS has lead a “Lets Get in Early” campaign to gain commitments across government and community organisations based on the understanding that early support for families, where a child is born with a disability, is critical for positive outcomes for the child and the family. CCS is also working for a more inclusive education system which ensures that disabled children are included in the classroom and in recreation and sports. Part of this campaign has involved joining with the IHC to launch of a charter of the rights of disabled children in school.

Viv is also leading the innovative “Lifetime Design” strategy — a way of thinking about our future housing so that it is designed and created for changing needs and different people over time. A key strategic goal for CCS is to inspire and influence the growth of accessible and adaptable housing stock within New Zealand over the next 20 years. This strategy is also a business and licensing initiative encouraging the incorporation of “Lifetime” standards in the building and renovation of homes.

Viv is also a member of the Taskforce on the Prevention of Family Violence, a community, government, judiciary and independent commissioner body that has embarked on a 10-year work programme to prevent and stop family violence in New Zealand.